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Announcement - Update


Automatic e-Administrative Fees Binding after 2 years (if they have not been deposited to the Public Body)

Administrative Fees that have been paid but not deposited to the Public Body are automatically frozen after 2 years and can be used for the purpose for which they were issued.

The employees of the Public Bodies,  see in the history of the e-Administrative Fee, the indication "PAID AGING", in the above cases.


Announcement for stamp duties via e-Administrative Fee

We inform you that from 10-7-2023 the stamp duties referred in the  circular E.2044 /4.7.2023 are paid exclusively through the e-Administrative Fee application and will not be paid to the Tax Office. (IRS-Internal Revenue Service))

The specific Administrative Fees are automatically bound with their payment and there is no ability of a refund request from the citizens.

Exceptionally in the case of  the refund of an Administrative Fee, this is returned in accordance with Joint Ministerial Decisions A.1047/2020 (Β΄979)) from the service/recipient to which the Administrative Fee was  submitted  if it was not done the intended by Law use of the Administrative Fee, (case. b of paragraph 4 of article 9 of the KNTX) 

See the relevant circular here.

From Monday 21-2-2022 the e-Administrative Fee platform issues "payment codes" according to the RF standard for the payment of e-administrative fees

Now every issued e-administrative fee has two codes:

  • the administrative fee code (20-digit code) used in citizens' transactions with Public Bodies
  • the payment code (RF - 25-digit code) used for payment to banks.

For administrative fees already issued until 21-2-2022, payments to banks with RF codes (25-digit code) as well as  with the current (20-digit codes) will be supported.

A. The e-Administrative Fee process for citizens / businesses includes:
Horizontal e-Administrative Fees

From 1-8-2017 the "Horizontal Public Bodies" option has been added to the "Public Bodies" list, which includes Administrative Fees that are common to many Government Public Bodies. The specific Administrative Fees can be issued by the citizen for one of these Public Bodies. A horizontal Administrative Fee can only be reserved by the competent Public Body for which it has been issued, according to the information completed in the additional details ( Public Bodies Deposit Usage).

Indicatively, a paragraph has been added regarding to "Project Competitions, Supplies & Services Objections for an amount less than €60,000 excluding VAT".

e-Administrative Fees Auto-Binding

From 1-2-2018, auto-binding Administrative fees are available, because they are automatically bound by the e-Administrative Fee application as soon as they are paid. For the above Administrative fees, there is no possibility of requesting a refund. These fees are marked on their issue screen as "This fee will be automatically reserved after payment."

Payment of e-Administrative Fee

Money return:

For details on the returning money process click here.

  • It is necessary to have completed with the payment of an e-Administrative Fee in order to be used / to be deposited to the Public Bodies.
  • There is no expiration date for a  Fee that has been paid.
  • Unpaid e-Administrative Fee is canceled after 6 months.

B. The procedure of the e-Administrative Fee for Public Bodies:

The use of the service by Public Bodies is possible through the Taxisnet Certification as described in the "Guidelines for the Certification of Public Bodies" and in accordance with the "Guidelines for the Management of e-Administrative Fee by Employees of the Public Bodies".

For the inclusion of new Public Bodies in the e-Administrative Fee platform or to change the details of already included Public Bodies, the Public Bodies should complete the "Application for inclusion or change of information of a Public Bodie" file and send it to e-mail: eparavolo@gsis.gr


From 15-5-2020, a new procedure is running to the e-Administrative Fee platform, to connect   employees  of Bublic Bodies without the need to use their personal Taxisnet codes.

Provision of web services to Public Bodies

Alternatively, there is the possibility of using a Web Service for communication between the organization's servers and the General Secreteriat for Information Systems. For web services technical support issues, you can send messages to kedg2g@gsis.gr

Inclusion of new Administrative Fees in the e-Administrative Fee application

For the inclusion of new Administrative Fees in the e-Administrative Fee application, the Public Bodies should fill in the "Administrative Fee Registration Template" file and send it to e-mail: eparavolo@gsis.gr..

Binding of e-Administrative Fees by Municipal Employees from 6-2-2018
  • The binding of the Administrative Fees with recipients the Municipalities, should be done by their employees, through the electronic platform of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) (https://govhub.gr/).
  • In order to have access to the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) electronic platform, the Municipality should submit an application to the platform (https://govhub.gr/), where the relevant instructions are available.
  • According to Circular Number 1150 15/05/2014 (Official Gazette 1357/B'/2014 Amendment of Circular Number 1163), the employee of the Public Body where the e-Administrative Fee is submitted connects to the Govhub application (for Municipal Employees) in order to accept / bind it  and he search for the e-Administrative Fee, he checks its validity and then he binds it to prevent its re-use.
  • In case that an e-Administrative Fee is bound by a Municipality, it is not possible to be released in order to be used / bind by another Municipality. For this purpose, the Citizen is required to issue and pay a new e-Administrative Fee.
  • There is the possibility of refunding the money of a Administrative Fee  from the Municipality, in case that it is bound but not used by the Citizen.
Other Informations

The "e-Administrative Fee" service enables the issuance of e-administrative fees by Public Bodies that are detailed in the file (in xls and pdf format).

Legal Framework - Joint Ministerial Decisions
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For the "e-Administrative-Fee" application you can submit your queries in writing to the Service Center (with your TaxisNet codes). The answers are given from the same link.


For the "e-Administrative-Fee" application, you can also contact the call center  213 1333033.