The Digital Governance Ministry's Web Services

Services in productive operation

(Last Update 18/6/2024)


Technical specifications for each WS can be found in 

Request Management Application (EDA)

1.1. Authentication of users in a third party information system oAuth 2.0

1.2. User authentication with one-time password confirmation oAuth2.0 - OTP

1.3. Authentication of Public Bodies’ employees using Public Administration Codes oAuth2.0.- PA

  1. Provides User Authentication to a third-party information systems using TAXIS net credentials (passwords) and one-time code confirmation.

  2. User Authentication Service using t TAXIS net credentials with one-time password confirmation (oAuth2.0 - OTP)

  3. User Authentication Service (oAuth2.0.PA) for Public Bodies’ employees.  (Special Authentication Service for the entry of Public Bodies’ employees into applications during their official duties.)

2. e- Administrative Fee
  1. Create e-deposit, retrieve structure and types of
    e-Administrative Fee

  2. Search/Hold on/ Return of e- Administrative Fee from Public Body

  3. e- Administrative Fee Data for Public Bodies, e- Administrative Fee Statistics

3. Ministry of Finance, Tax Registry (Α.Α.Δ.Ε.)
  1. Tax Registry Information (A.A.D.E.)

  2. Individuals details’ confirmation

  3. Tax Registry Data for a citizen's residence (special purpose)

  4. Public Finance Service Information (DOY)

  5. Business and Branches Activity Code Number (KAD) Search

  6. Activity Code Number Search

  7. Information Retrieving (Only for special research funds account (ELKE) of universities)

  8. Provision of Tax Identification Number at child’s birth (special purpose- used only from a certain Public Service)

  9. Provision and deactivation of Tax Identification Number for asylum seekers

  10. Provision of Tax Identification Number to land workers

  11. Marital status data from Tax Registry Information

  12. Details for solopreneur starting

  13. Search of Tax Registry Information Postal Code with Greek Post Services (ELTA) Postal Code

  14. Retrieve of geographic code from Tax Registry Information

  15. Application for starting a solopreneur (special purpose - used only from a certain Public Service – General Commercial Registry)

  16. Deactivation and suspension statement details of Tax Identification Number (for General Commercial Registry)

  17. Information of pleasure boat charter license

  18. Tax Registry details service for Tax Identification Number and Key Code provision application (only for AADE) 

  19. Service for Announcing and Receiving Changes to Individuals and Legal Entities from the AADE Tax Registry (for EFKA)

  20. Search Annual Work Units (EME)

  21. Service for receiving data on changes in the basic information of employers from the AADE Tax Registry (for EFKA)

  22. Small Business Data from the Tax Registry

4. Tax Awareness Certification (AFE)


  1. Providing and auditing Tax Awareness Certification from AADE

  2. Providing Tax Awareness Certification for the needs of the Real Estate File

5. Transportation Vehicles
  1. Vehicle Owner Data (AADE)

  2. Data  for vehicle license (Ministry of Transportation)

  3. Driving License Data (Ministry of Transportation)

  4. Vehicle technical controls data - KTEO (Ministry of Transportation)

  5. Traffic Fees data (AADE) 

  6. Finding vehicle insurance (Auxiliary Insurance Fund)

  7. Vehicle data from Ministry of Transportations’ Information System (special purpose- only for

  8. Vehicle condition and insurance data (AADE) (special purpose- only for

  9. Vehicle data and owner’s profile for myAuto  (AADE) procedure (special purpose-

  10. Professional Vehicle data for digital M.M.E.

  11. Details for Issuing Driving Licenses (Ministry of Transportation)

  12. Data from the Driver Behavior Control System (Point System)

  13. Driving License Suspension from Ministry of Transportations

  14. Vehicle Immobilization and release Of Ownership Withholding

6. Properties from Property Registry & Leaseholdsαπό 
  1. Basic Data from Property Registry    

  2. Search for information on rental properties    

  3. Data for Digital Property File from AADE   

  4. Registered owner and property information based on Property ID Number

  5. Data retrieval from E9 for real estate rights

  6. Data retrieval service from E9 to calculate the value of real estate (for OPEKA)

  7. E9 data on rights and value of real estate

  8. Data recovery for property value check and real estate rights for the Renovate-Rent program  (DYPA ONLY)

  9. Retrieving data from E2's statement

7. Incomes (from AADE)
  1. Level of Family Income- Scale

  2. Fees Data for Non-Residents

  3. Basic information retrieval of Tax Statement submission

  4. Income data per capita 

  5. Business Data from E3

  6. Business Data from E3 from the Information System of the Ministry of Development and Investments 

  7. Business Data from E3 for the digital (M.M.E.)

  8. Farmers' income data    

  9. Tax Registry and Income data from other sources (special purpose- for Social Security Service (EFKA))

  10. Customers' data from Credit Institutions (from AADE) (special purpose- only for KYC)

  11. Cashier data

  12. VAT statements data (for Ministry of Development and Investments)

  13. Form N statements data (juridical persons) (for Ministry of Development and Investments)

  14. Last five years income data for auditing authorities

  15. History of Tax Audits (special purpose)

  16. Details of Tax and Customs Debts (special purpose)

  17. Data for Individuals income 

  18. Data from E3 for the Know Your Business Action

8. Services for benefits based on Income- (AADE) 

Combination of services or combination of information from a Public Body or Public Bodies

  1. Mountainous and disadvantaged (special purpose – used from a certain service)

  2. Integration control service in the employment support mechanism “CO-OPERATION” (special purpose – used from a certain service)

  3. Data provision service for "Tourism for all" program, control from AADE (special purpose – used from a certain service)

  4. Service for evaluating applications for daycare centers (service provided from AADE to EETAA) (special purpose – used from a certain service)

  5. Income and residence data for fuel subsidy

  6. Tax Statement data for electricity subsidy - PowerPass (only for Ministry of Finance/ Information Society (KtP)).

  7. Tax Statement data for financial assistance to the affected people from Natural Disasters

  8. Tax Statement data for the actions of the Ministry of Development and Investment

  9. Service for retrieving Tax Statement data for subsidizing purchases from the Supermarket - Market Pass (only for Information Society (KtP)).

  10. Data retrieval service from the Tax Statement to support the Housing Assistance platform for uninsured seniors (only for OPEKA)

  11. Retrieving IBAN for a specificVAT number (special purpose for the aid action)

9. Civil Registry- Registry records 
  1. Retrieving certificate of registry records in pdf (special purpose– only for Ministry of Digital Governance)

  2. Search for divorces in the Civil Registry platform (special purpose– only for Intangible Divorce)

  3. Birth Certificate download for Naming – Baptism (special purpose- only για

  4. Parents' data from the Male Registry platform (special purpose- only for Military services)

  5. Retrieving Registry Records:

          Specifically, Retrieving is provided for:

  • Marriage Certificate, for a specific period, 

  • Death Registry, with various search criteria,

  • Birth Certificate, for a specific period, 

  • Civil partnership certificate, for a specific period,

  • General Registry records (search for a specific period – only for HDIKA, AADE, EFKA)

10. Civil Registry - Certificates
  1. Civil Registry search service

  2. Retrieve parametrical information from the Civil Registry service

  3. Retrieving evidence of death from the Civil Registry service 

  4. Certificates of Demographic Civil Status

  5. Retrieval of census records and submission of post-census application to the Civil Registry

  6. Retrieving data for Open Data from Civil Registry service

          Specifically, retrieving  is provided for:

  • Data of the family and children status (minors and adults) of a citizen, regardless of family share,

  • Marital Status Certificate (only data),

  • Marital status certificate of the citizen based on the municipality code and the family share number,

  • losest relatives’ certificate, with personal information,

  • Closest relatives’ certificate (only data),

  • Number of Children,

  • Birth Certificate (only data),

  • Search for citizen and parent family shares,

  • Marital Status Certificate retrieving (only for Greek Police),

  • Retrieving data for Marital Status Certificate - searching with full name and year of birth (only for PSIDIPEK)

11. Hellenic  Ministry for Citizen Protection - Data from Greek Police


  1. ΙD Card data (New-Greek Police)

  2. Passport data (Greek Police)

  3. Provision of information on Mopeds (Greek Police)

  4. European Citizens Certificates data

  5. ID card data (special purpose)

  6. Providing information about  vehicle theft declaration (Greek Police)

  7. Data retrieving service for special expatriate identity cards, from Albania, Turkey, and former Soviet Union Countries (for Social Security Service (EFKA)).     

  8. Prosecuting Documents Search service for the Greek Police

  9. Service for extracting details of perpetrators-victims and of  important reports from the Greek Police

  10. Service for the provision of documents for the Certification of Permanent Residence for Citizens of EU

12. e-Governance in Social Insurance (IDIKA)
  1. Death certificate search service

  2. Social Security Number (Data obtained from Ι.D.I.K.A.)

  3. Child - parent Social Security Number confirmation (retrieving data from the Civil Registry and from the IDIKA)

  4. Sick leaves service

  5. Social Security Capability (for prescription)

  6. Social Security Debts from IDIKA (pilot)

  7. Foreigners' Temporary Social Security and Health Care Data  Number  (PAAYPA)

  8. Social Security Number (AMKA) delivery service at childs' birth (special purpose - only for the Hellenic Ministry of the Interior)

  9. Data retrieval service for Special Homogeneous Identity Cards (SID) of Albania, Turkey and former USSR (for EFKA)

13. Banks - Financial Institutions
  1. Cross reference ΙΒΑΝ - Tax Identification Number

14. Public Employees' Data - User authorizations in information systems 

Public Employees' Data and User authorizations’ services in information systems based on the Human Resources Register

  1. Civil Servants' Employment data

  2. Users' Authorization in Information Systems

  3. Authorization and management of users in horizontal information systems of Public Administration 

  4. Interconnection of Public Servants Register Information System with EKDDA (National centre for public administration & local government)

  5. Interconnection of Public Servants Register Information System-Electronic Prescription 

  6. Employment relationship data retrieval from Public Servants Registry information system

  7. Employment relationship data retrieval from Public Servants Registry information system for educational purposes

  8. Authorization and management of private sector users in Information Systems of the State

15. Public Employment Service (DYPA)

(Unemployment data from DYPA Public Employment Service)    

  1. Unemployment data from DYPA

  2. Unemployment data for cards (for the eWallet application)

  3. Unemployed-student check (special purpose - used by a specific public body)

16. General Commercial Registry (GEMI)

(Data of a Legal Entity from the General Commercial Register (GEMI))

  1. General Commercial Registry services for financial institutions   

  2. Basic information from the General Commercial Registry

  3. Company Board Data

  4. Checking of Tax Identification Number and GEMI Registry Number (Data confirmation from the General Commercial Registry)

  5. Parameter data for General Commercial Registry

  6. Searching for Company Establishment information  in the One Stop Service (YMS)

  7. Establishment of a Sole Proprietorship in the General Commercial Registry

  8. Latest news on the changes of Limited Companies (S.A.) from the General Commercial Registry(only for AADE)

  9. Service for receiving balance sheet data and financial statements from the General Commercial Registry

17.Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance (ERGANI)

((Employee employment details (ERGANI information system))

  1. Current employment status

  2. Information on employment status

18. Communication registry
  1. Citizen communication registry

  2. Individuals' Notification 

  3. Public Sector consent and notification service via authenticator

  4. Text messaging service and notification sending

19. Single Social Security Entity (EFKA)
  1. Employees’ previous service certification

  2. Private sector employees' salaries & pensions (only for EGDIX)

  3. Insurance awareness certificate from EFKA

  4. Disability Certificate Data from (KEPA) Disability Certification Center

  5. Employers' census - special purpose

  6. Extract of Individual Insurance Account Statement

  7. Maternity allowance service through the EFKA Electronic Application for Birth Declaration (only for IDIKA)

  8. Disability CertificateData(KEPA) for granting exemption from vehicle registration fees (ONLY for AADE)

  9. Details of the Last Submitted Analytical Periodic Statement by the Joint Venture employer (for AADE)

  10. Information for pensioners from EFKA

  11. Maternity Benefit Information Service (only for DYPA)

20. Public Property and National Endowments - Ministry of Finance
  1. Interconnection with the Real Estate Registry of the Public Welfare Property Digital Services
  2. Data provision from the Information System "Digital Services of Public Property and National Endowments"
21. Greek Land registry
  1. e-Transfer-of-property service from the Greek Land Registry    

  2. Search for taxpayers data from the Greek Land Registry (only for the Ministry of Finance)

  3. Submission of application and recovery of Certificates from National Land Registry Information System

  4. Data and Interoperability with the National Land Registry Information System

22. Hellenic Ministry of Justice

(Data from Information System of  Criminal record Service)

  1. Criminal Record Service (all Public Bodies)

  2. Data  from the "Criminal Record" Information System (Ministry of Finance only)

  3. Bailiffs' data

23. Ministry of Immigration and Asylum

  1. Immigrant data (search for documents and passports).

24.  Hellenic Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sportsπουργείο Παιδείας

  1. Data of Schools and Departments

  2. Check of Academic Qualification Status

  3. Information service for I.E.K. trainees

  4. Licenses of K.D.B.M., Colleges and I.E.K.

  5. Service for obtaining data on degrees-titles from the University Institutions

  6. Obtaining University Certificates from University Institutions

  7. Service for the provision of student grade data

25. Hellenic Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports – ITYE "Diofantos"

  1. Data of teachers of the school unit

  2. Information about Educational Project Coordinators

  3. Service for verifying the sufficient attendance of students in 1st Grade / 2nd Grade education    

  4. Service for verifying a child's attendance in a Public or Private Kindergarten

  5. Digital diploma service (special purpose - used by a specific institution)

  6. Service for the provision of data on Primary and Secondary education staff of the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sport [teaching, support staff, administrative staff]

  7. Basic data service for schools and other units of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs

  8. School registration data service

  9. Provision of student grade data

26. Technical Chamber of Greece T.E.E.)

(Membership register and electronic building identity information of the TEE) 

  1. Electronic Building Identity

  2. Register of T.E.E.  members (special purpose)

27. Ministry of Rural Development & Food 

  1. Calculation of the time of foreign agricultural workers

  2. Industrial Cannabis  Growers

  3. Pet and Owner Data Service (Special Purpose)

  4. Data  on Outdoor trade activities 

  5. Data from the Beekeeping Register and Beekeeper Payments

  6. Data of Payments for the Restructuring of Vineyards 

  7. Availability of Livestock Data from the Integrated Veterinary Information System of the Ministry of Rural Development & Food 

  8. Service for obtaining  Data from the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings (MAAE) of the Ministry of Rural Development & Food (for the Hellenic Development Bank)

28. Certification Revenue Services for the Government
  1. Revenue Certification Services for the Public Bodies

  2. Revenue Reduction Certification Services  for the Public Bodies

29. General Accounting Office of the State

  1. TAXIS-7 Service    Money Order Verification Service (Independent Public Revenue Authority- Directorate-General for Financial Services (special purpose - only for the Ministry of Finance))

  2. glkGdoy Service    Service for sending and receiving data from the Integrated Fiscal Policy information system to third-party Directorate-General for Financial Services  of Central Government Bodies

30. KEP(Citizen Service Center) users and Consulates  Management details

  1. Roles and rights of KEP (Citizen Service Center) employees in Information Systems (special purpose)

  2. Roles and rights of Consulate employees in Information Systems

  3. Data recovery from the K.E.P. (Citizen Service Center )Employee Register

  4. Roles and rights of ELAS (Greek Police) employees in Information Systems

31. Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine and Island Policy
  1. Search for identity details of  Coast Guard officers

  2. Ship e-Register Service (special purpose)

  3. Data of high-speed boat licences

32. Fire Brigate
  1. Identity Search Service for Fire Brigade officials (from Fire Brigade)
33. Hellenic Ministry of Development 
  1. Registration and accumulation control service of minor aids and interconnection with the Information System for the Accumulation of Minor Aids by the Special Service of State Aids (for DYPA-Public Employment Service) 
34. Electronic invoices
  1. Management of Electronic invoices 

  2. Provision of data of contracting authorities and control of e-invoice fields

35. Hellenic Ministry of National Defence
  1. Search for Military Personnel IDs (from the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence)

  2. Retrieving changes in Military Status Certificates   

  3. Retrieving Data for Military Status Certificate

36. Single Payments Authority (EAP)

  1. Sending Public Investment Program Fees from E.A.P. to e-PDE (special purpose)

  2. Service for retrieving data of regular salaries from E.A.P. to EGDIX (special purpose)

  3. Sending data to EAP on the payroll of the soldiers

  4. Data from the Single Paying Authority for the Hellenic Court of Audit

 37. DAYK (e-Individual Service Status Report) data

It provides the data sent to the Insurance Institutions (Equity and Auxiliary Funds).

  1. eDAYK MTPY(Civil Servants Equity Fund) (special purpose)

  2. eDAYK ETEAEP (Unified Supplementary Insurance Fund ) (special purpose)

38. Bar Association

 Data for Lawyers

  1. Lawyers' Data Service by the Plenary of the Bar Associations 
39. Geographical and Geospatial data of Public Bodies

Geographical and Geospatial data of Public Bodies

  1. Service of geographical distribution of competence of Public Bodies
  2. Postal address normalization service
40. Geotechnical Chamber of Greece. Data for Veterinarians members of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEOT.EE)
  1. Information distribution service for Veterinarians members of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEOT.EE)
41. Register of Public Bodies and Greek State Services
  1. Retrieving data for Public Bodies and Greek State Services
42. Data from Municipalities Services for data exchange with Municipalities
43. Services from G.S.I.S.D.G. - special purpose
  1. Submit an application from and send it to a mailbox

  2. Updating the Register of Beneficiaries of Exemption of Mobile Telephony Fees

  3. Confirmation of Register data (special purpose)

  4. MyPhoto File Download Service (Special Purpose)

  5. SMS service (limited use)

  6. Information on paying of funeral expenses for pensioners

  7. State Aid Register Interoperability Service

  8. Panic Button App

  9. Create unique call codes for the Panic Button app

  10. Service for making available the data of the Central Register of Beneficiaries to Public Bodies - liable persons 

  11. QR Code and Metadata API Management Service

  12. Search and verification service for identification document number based on the number and type of document (special purpose)

  13. Digital signature service for digital documents of public sector bodies, either with their own Digital Seal (if they have one) or with the seal of the General Secretariat Information System and Digital Governance 

  14. Interface with the Tobacco Products Traceability Register

  15. POTHEN ESXES (wealth declaration)data

  16. Family details geographically

44 Internal Utilities G.S.I.S.D.G
  1. User data from UserName (special purpose)

  2. Internal User Data (special purpose)

  3. Mobile Phone Update (special purpose)

  4. Digital Signature GSIS&DG (special purpose)

  5. Download tracking records from an external service

  6. Retrieving data service for a citizen's TAXISnet account

  7. Interconnection service between the Tobacco Products Traceability Register and the EKMEA Register (only for AADE)

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